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The films were made at so-called 'baiting stations' in Russia, used to train hunting dogs.

The hounds are taught to confront wild animals which cannot properly fight back — but critics say the practice involves gratuitous and needless cruelty and torture.

Every winter morning workers wrap scarves around their faces and emerge from the pea soup fog that engulfs their town of Obiliq, stuck between two coal-fired power stations on the outskirts of Kosovo's capital.

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'I stand against a sadistic attitude to wild animals, but don't mix an official baiting station with a bastard who keeps wild animals in his garage for the sake of fun.'No sane hunter would do it,' she stressed.

If baiting stations are banned, they will go underground, she warned.

The laws would force owners to install a mesh or glass fence to prevent physical contact between wild animals and dogs.

In another video, a petrified fox - also tethered with its mouth taped - leaps in the air to try and flee the vicious attacking dog after receiving repeated bites.

Separately, two videos highlight attacks by Jagdterriers on helpless badgers in a pen.

Tens of thousands of people began Sunday three days of watching their favorite musicians and letting off steam in Haiti, forgetting their daily troubles and the controversies the festivities never fail to attract.

With watches made from cement, furniture fashioned from factory pipes, and accessories created from motorbike leather, Taiwanese designers are winning new fans at home and abroad with their own brand of industrial chic.

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  4. Where they persist, the societies and cultures which gave rise to these civilizations continue to adapt and evolve; they also uphold various traditions and practices which relate back to these earlier times, even if combined with those more recently adopted.