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Of course, Blesser Finder also arranges same-sex hook ups.

The Blesser trend was born on Facebook, after unemployed women started sharing statuses and images showing off their lavish lifestyles and calling themselves ‘blessed’.

This is the @Blesserfind Twitter handle description.

The reception to Blesser Finder has been unprecedented, with 10 000 Facebook members and counting, signing up to find their blesser or blessee match.‘This is the reason why our website is crushing, 296000 visitors in one day.

How it works is blessers send a direct message to the page’s inbox, making an offer and describing the type of person they are looking for.

Blessers are particular about the body type, features and age of the individual they are interested in.

The presumption of course is that they will be rewarded with sexual favours.

The advent of the Blesser Finder trend begs the question: are these woman and men resorting to a sordid social contract because they are tired of not being able to afford to treat themselves in a hostile economic climate?

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