Insane clown possie dating game

And the end, there is a skit in which a man calls a suicide hotline. How Many Times" talks about everyday-life inconveniences.

Violent Jay is on the other end of the line, and he dares him to do it and calls him a chicken. It may sound whiny, but it actually makes you feel sorry for Jay!

One of the lines from the song that has some sort of moral is "People in my city, they're fighting for their meals.

He sleeps on a mattress stuffed with hundred-dollar bills." This song is okay, but not that good. The bass is dark and haunting, which is rare for ICP.

However, I think that the Great Milenko is actually an all right cd. There is a message in each of the joker card albums, so obviously the guys have some sort of intelligence.

This song has a moral message, and tells a story, so I give it a 3.5/5 8) Under The Moon When it comes to ICP, I don't get to say that many songs are beautiful.

Under The Moon is a brilliant song, and tells a great story. "He'll eat Monopoly and sh** out Connect 4." "What is a Juggalo" He ain't a phony.

He'll walk up and bust a nut in your macaroni, and watch you sit there and finish up the last bit, cuz' you're a stupid-a** dumb f***in idiot." This song, while stupid, is always a riot. 3.5/5 10) House Of Horrors House Of Horrors, along with Boogie Woogie Wu, is one of the two sickest songs on the album.

They make references to Faygo, their soft-drink they invented.

One of the most amusing lines in the song is "Call me psycho-schizo freak, and I'll call you by your name: dick anus." This is not a very mentally-stimulating song, but wait, this is ICP we're talking about.

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