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If you have any questions, please call the MHS Athletic Office at 541.267.1440.Coos Bay School District has completed the annual review of the State of Oregon Division 22 Standards for public schools.Bryan Trendell Coos Bay Public Schools Superintendent There have been changes in the law regarding interdistrict transfers.Under the new transfer law, these requests will be approved depending upon the availability of space in the grade level as determined by the School Board. Tsunami hazard map of the Yaquina Bay area, Lincoln County, Oregon, IMS-2, 1997, by George R. The mission of the Coos Bay School District is to prepare all of our kids for a successful future. ” We have a commitment to the principles of professional learning teams and embrace our moral and ethical responsibilities to educate all children.

The Harding Learning Center provides several alternative schooling options.When planning evacuation routes and destinations, check with local officials for guidance. Preview Tsunami hazard assessment of the northern Oregon coast: A multi-deterministic approach tested at Cannon Beach, Clatsop County, Oregon, SP-41, 2009, by George R. In general, one should go to the least hazardous site on the map (a noncolored area or the coolest color) by the shortest route after making sure that the route is not compromised by other earthquake hazards such as liquefaction or earthquake-induced landslides. Consult with transportation authorities about the seismic stability of bridges used for evacuation. Lower level includes a kitchen with great room and separate entry, drive way and carport.- Completely updated when last owners purchased in 2010. Peachy fresh feel with Bay, City and Mountain views!

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