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Dyslexics tend to like playing devils advocate a bit, so watch for that.

Simple as it says, they really love minds and the term sapiosexual really applies here.

It can be frustrating to have that conversation again and again but once awoken expect vivid retracing; like where they first read that book or which cinema they first saw the film in.

Dyslexics tend to have extended hearing (hears things not said or apparent to others – maybe something to do with the mind working over time?

First thing, not every dyslexic person are alike, in the book the dyslexic advantage; the writers talk about 4 different strengths which also come with some disadvantages.

People with dyslexia tend to have a blend of the 4 MIND strengths.

Exactly the same is true of misreading, especially when rushed.

This can be exciting because everyday is new but this can also be exhausting.I think there could be a sit-com idea out of this, in the same way there is the big bang theory which focuses on academically intelligent but socially awkward characters.I also used dyslexic and person with dyslexia through-out this post, don’t expect any consistency from me – sorry!); this can cause issues which can lead to miscommunication, confusion and misunderstanding.Not exactly what you need in a relationship really.

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