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“I would say possibly hundreds of thousands were killed… Sea birds are top predators,” [Heather Renner, biologist with Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge] said. They have definitely let us know that there’s change going on in the ocean ecosystem”…

Renner says [the birds had an] exceptionally low birthing season…

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“The main result to take away from this is the catch per unit effort for all of these species was very close to zero, meaning that the forage fish was simply not there,” Atkinson said. [T]he ECO office is also seeing signs of stress in other species.A conservative extrapolation indicates 500,000 or more common murres died, Piatt said. “In 2016, we had widespread breeding failure at all of the colonies in the Gulf of Alaska, as well as the Bering Sea,” Renner said. Tufted puffins in the Bering Sea also showed up on beaches in large numbers…Scientists struggled to understand why a bird that spends most of the winter offshore eating fish would fly to the coast to die of starvation on the beach…The refuge (AMNWR) has been monitoring these colonies for 4 decades and it’s like nothing we’ve ever observed before,” Renner said…AP, Feb 10, 2017: [T]ens of thousands of common murres…

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This reproductive die-off meant a “total failure” of murre reproduction that year…

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