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There is a growing awareness of the risks and harm that can be done. Anyone contemplating a change in the ministerial relationship to a close friendship or sexual relationship needs to be aware that the cost is the loss of the pastoral role and support.Some are beginning to speak about the negative consequences and pain they have confronted. I thought I had found someone who was the exact opposite to my former partner who was violent. There needs to be clear public recognition that the relationship has changed.It is never alright when the relationship has involved counselling or therapy. Three years later I divorced him for emotional and sexual abuse. This is a very significant step and needs to be approached in such a way that the parishioner is not harmed, the congregation is protected and the minister's ministry maintains its integrity and standing in the community."He (the minister my husband) insisted from the start of our relationship that it should not be a secret.His “ministry” was damaged permanently and his usefulness to God greatly diminished.

Sometimes women are the victims, sometimes they are the victimizers.Congregations should ensure that their minister has a fair workload and time for social contacts and personal relationships outside the work place."As a male pastor I now realise how important it is for me to get my personal needs met outside my work.Taylor cautioned us about the temptations we would be facing. (Fifteen years after she sat in my office making herself available to the young preacher, while preaching in another state, I spotted that woman and her husband–the same husband whose antics had given her cause to seek my counsel originally–in the congregation.“The day will come when a woman will sit in your office and proposition you. If your marriage is in trouble or if you are not up-to-date in your relationship with your Lord, you could get in big trouble fast.” I raised my hand. Taylor,” I said, “do you really believe that every one of us in this room will face this? I was thankful I had gotten this thing right in my office that day.) The writer of Proverbs tried to do the same thing Dr.

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