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He would go to bed in his mother's dressing gown with a fez on.'He was the driver for the gang waited in vehicles outside the safety deposit company on both nights of the Hatton Garden raid and acted as a lookout.It was his link to the white Mercedes which the first step in police tracking down the raiders.The failure proved too much for Reader and he quit to the disgust of Perkins, who would later call him 'an old ponce' and said: '12 years I've been with him, three four bits of work, f***ed every one of them.'When Perkins later relived the moment in a conversation with Jones, he said: 'Smash that up now, put that down, it's f***ing working cos your egging one another on going it's working, it's working you got to take it off, it ain't pinging back.Basil and Jones squeezed through the hole and jemmied open as many of the safe deposit boxes as they could, targeting the ones they knew contained high-value items at chest and eye level on the right hand side.Some suggested an underground fire in nearby Holborn could have been set to distract emergency services, while graphics appeared showing how the raiders could have abseiled from the roof down to the basement through the lift shaft.The surveillance operation showed the ringleaders continued to meet at The Castle pub and nearby Scotti's Cafe and when Perkins and Jones were caught on tape boasting of pulling off 'the biggest robbery in the f***ing world', officers knew they had their men.Six masked robbers broke into the fortress-like warehouse, doused a guard in petrol and threatened to set him ablaze before stealing three tonnes of gold.Reader, the oldest member of the Hatton Garden gang, was brought in to mastermind the operation to make the gold disappear.

Terry Perkins was seen on a police surveillance video showing off the pumping action which allowed the raiders to finally break through a wall and steal £14million worth of jewellery in a heist dubbed 'Britain's biggest burglary'.

Despite three years of meticulous planning, the gang were brought down by CCTV, number plate recognition cameras and mobile phone evidence.

Peter Spindler, Scotland Yard's head of specialist crime investigations at the time of the burglary, described the men as: 'Analogue criminals operating in a digital world.

Carl Wood, 58, of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire; and William Lincoln, 60, of Bethnal Green, east London, were today convicted of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property.

It can now also be reported that Perkins's daughter Terri Robinson, 35, of Sterling Road, Enfield, faces being jailed alongside him after she pleaded guilty to concealing, converting or transferring criminal property.

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