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So imagine that you’re being prompted by each item on this procedure in order without any limitations on your ability to do whatever you want in the ordinary Linux way. To use Gentoo, you really have to know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, since that’s a requirement by design, there is a lot of excellent help out there.

If you realize that a command line gives you all the power you could possibly have, then Gentoo will seem very clever and elegant.

For example, when installing other distributions (Su SE for example), I sometimes use CTR-ALT-F2 to get to a text console to see if I can find out the cause of any problems I’m having. The Gentoo philosophy is to not protect the user from the ability to solve problems.

Realizing this, I thought that perhaps a more flexible script could be written to just prompt you as to what to do next.

Then I realized that I had incidentally written such a script on a piece of paper in the form of these notes.

Another trick I would propose that really leverages the power of Gentoo is remote installation.

You can burn the image (~821Mi B compressed) to a micro SD card (=8GB), then boot your RPi3 from it directly (the root partition will be automatically resized to fill the card on first boot).

One of the nice things about Gentoo is that it can be completely installed while running another OS.

So from a working Red Hat system, you can install Gentoo on another partition or drive.

Gentoo is one of the most Linuxy Linux distributions.

That is to say if you like the things that make Linux what it is, you’ll probably like Gentoo.

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When I was installing Gentoo the first few times, I had the feeling that the procedure could be wrapped up in a script. If the procedure is simplified and automated, then you will inevitability suffer a limitation of possibilities.

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