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Hello sir, I was cheated for rs.15000/_ by fake ad posted by mr. He has assured me to send a call girl for 30000/_ if i pay 15000/_ as advance. I have never had any responses, and so i have never been able to respond...[protected] this is my reference number of bank of baroda.

Dear sir/madam, i went to login to my account this morning, only to find that my account has been cancelled. I still have an advertisement in you listings under personal dating services.

Firstly a girl by name yogita : mob no :[protected] called me. Firstly a girl by name Yogita : mob no :[protected] called me.

I have received a message by name Aditya saha that he is the chief relationship manager from locanto dat they require males for personal services for dat u hv to deposit 4k for registration n for the service to deposit more 3k as comission to get the service which i hv done. Live been scammed by this company called for friendship /dating services. Hello, I m a business development professional based out of Bangalore been scammed by this company called for friendship /dating services.

Thereafter, the timeline of Bengali literature is divided into two periods − medieval (1360-1800) and modern (after 1800).

Medieval Bengali literature consists of various poetic genres, including Hindu religious scriptures (e.g. works of Syed Sultan and Abdul Hakim), translations of Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian texts, Vaishnava texts (e.g. These are mystic songs composed by various Buddhist seer-poets: Luipada, Kanhapada, Kukkuripada, Chatilpada, Bhusukupada, Kamlipada, Dhendhanpada, Shantipada, Shabarapada etc.

Manasā Mangal, Chandī Mangal and Dharma Mangal, the three major genus of Mangal-Kāvya tradition include the portrayal of the magnitude of Manasā, Chandī and Dharmathakur, who are considered the greatest among all the native divinities in Bengal, respectively.

There are also minor Mangalkāvyas known as Shivāyana, Kālikā Mangal, Rāya Mangal, Shashtī Mangal, Sītalā Mangal and Kamalā Mangal etc.

Chandidas is also known for his humanist proclamation—"Sabar upare manush satya, tahar upare nai" ("সবার উপরে মানুষ সত্য তাহার উপরে নাই ।।")—"The supreme truth is man, there is nothing more important than he is.".Post-Chaitanya or Late Vaishnava literature denotes the literature of the time succeeding the time of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.These include: biographies of Chaitanya by Gaudiya Vaishnava scholar-poets and later Vaishnava Padavali with a special subgenre based on the life of Chaitanya.The 15th century is marked by the emergence of Vaishnava lyrical poetry or the padavali in Bengal.The poetry of Vidyapati, the great Maithili poet, though not written in Bengali, influenced the literature of the time so greatly that it makes him a vital part of Middle Bengali literature.

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This matter is reported several times in past but no action...

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