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(A year later they were selling for up to 0 via online auction sites.)Inside, a lanky seventy-one-year-old with a backward baseball cap over his gray curls hocked ASSMAN license plates and MASTER OF MY DOMAIN sweatshirts.Among the many who threw out “first” pitches: an importer/exporter, postal workers, architects, a latex salesman, and a New York resident named George Costanza.Vandelay Industries is the company that George, the balding schlub with a deficit of ambition, pretends to work for.Keith Hernandez famously played himself in a 1992 episode, becoming a sore point between Jerry, the show’s main character, and Elaine, who ends up dating Jerry’s longtime idol.Few people left even as the score shot farther and farther out of the Cyclones’ favor, ending up at an 18–2 blowout.That’s because almost every nonbaseball moment was filled with something far more fun: a Junior Mint toss, a cereal-eating contest, a marble-rye fishing race, a pick-or-scratch contest. One guy dressed like Kramer, with a bushy wig and a pipe.

Join me in this journey as we take a look at the best ) Starting with:12.

When it comes to all things , such strange intermingling of fiction and reality has long been status quo.

Such was the power of this show—and its staying power in constant reruns—that its characters, settings, jokes, and catchphrases continue to intrude on our daily reality twenty years later.

They can attend a med school class in which students solemnly diagnose characters’ mental illnesses.

In fact, almost from the beginning, Seinfeld has generated a special dimension of existence, somewhere between the show itself and real life, that I’ve come to call “Seinfeldia.”It is a place that the show’s creators, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, constructed themselves, even if they didn’t realize it at the time, when they blurred the boundaries between their fictions and reality like no show before the “show about nothing” that Jerry and his friend George pitch to fictional NBC executives in the show’s fourth season?

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