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Young boys start to think this is acceptable and this leads to other sexual problems in the future.

Because television is the most widely viewed type of media it is extremely important that it depicts the truth. Women are dehumanized and people start to think it is the “norm” instead of a warped view of society.

Do these videos make a mockery out of Hip-Hop culture and force listeners to take them less seriously as artists?

The blog will look at how American youth, especially young girls, are effected oby the depiction of women in Hip-Hop music videos.

Commonly, women are portrayed negatively in Rap music; however, this is not the case for other genres of music.

It is crucial that we take a deeper look at why Rap music is often deeply and blatantly offensive towards women, when other genres of music generally are not.

The display and actions are not explicit, and therefore do not take away from the message of the song.For example, Pop music usually positively represents both genders, while also promoting positive messages.A major cause for positive characterization is that love is a major theme in Pop songs, while sex tends to be a major theme in Rap music.Music videos can be viewed all over the world just by sitting on your couch or on your computer.The impact of these videos is extremely important on young minds.

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