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Q – We recently checked in to a Hilton at the airport in Rome.I was really disappointed with my room and I went to the front desk and reminded them that I had made my reservation with one of the largest online agencies and that I personally post frequently on Facebook, Instagram, and Trip Advisor about my travel experiences. Finally, I asked for the manager on-duty, who explained that they were sold out that night and she could not make a change. It was only for one night so I didn’t pursue it further.Since it would appear that you have only made deposit and not a final payment, take the booking away from Celebrity and sit down with the best local travel agent in your town. You’ve been dealing with a reservations staff member who works on commission and knows nothing about worldwide conditions, credit cards, or much of anything else that will be useful for you to know.The job of someone in reservations in to get your booking.02 – You haven’t told us which type of American Express card you took out.There are several different cards and each one carries different benefits and features.

Discuss this with your real “agent” once you convert the booking.Amex has some co-branded cards that carry this benefit.We do agree that Amex is “reliable” and they are aggressive about fighting fraud.If you belong to Hilton’s Honors Club, your room preferences should be a part of your stored profile. But you booked on one of the online sites and you were, we would guess, assigned one of the remaining rooms in your category.Hotel chains want bookings to be made via their own sites so they do not have to be paying out commission to third-party web sites.

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