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Go ahead and say every cheesy line you can think of in Spanish – at the very least she’ll think you’re cute and will like you for it.Too many Peruvian hearts get broken by travelers though so don’t lead her on by saying you love her unless you really mean it. Peruvian women are pretty traditional but that doesn’t get in the way of a good time too often.That could mean marriage after just a year or two of dating, and kids immediately after that!While the trend in America may be shifting to postpone these activities to later in life, say our thirties, in Peru the tradition of marrying and starting a family at a younger age lives on. The Language Thing Another pro of dating a Peruvian is the opportunity to learn Spanish or enhance your existing language skills.From, you’ll hopefully have the chance to learn all kinds of tasty recipes unlike anything they serve in the States.But don’t expect any recipe cards–instead, get ready to practice, practice, practice and commit those classic recipes to memory! The Traditional Thing Now as your relationship grows, you might find that your Peruvian boyfriend or girlfriend is ready to get serious and take the next steps more quickly than you are.For example, you can choose to speak English during the week and Spanish on the weekends.

Peruvian guys (from the larger cities) are pretty romantic and are usually great dancers.

Peruvians are fun, open-minded and generally very good looking.

Finding a date is easy for foreigners, and attitudes about sex and relationships are generally pretty liberal, at least in the cities.

is spreading in Peru, especially among the lower classes, as people still believe the Pope’s stand against condoms. If you’re a sexually active traveler, especially with multiple partners, use condoms if you don’t want to wake up with some interesting and painful souvenirs…

Peruvian Girls Peruvian girls are sexy, stylish and fun.

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And if you’ve already studied the language, try our free online test to see just how much you remember.

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