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Don't remove those yet if you are replacing the drive... The hard drive is bolted to an access panel, which is retained by those red arrowed screws. There are no screws we need to be concerned with yet on either side, but these pictures will show you how the various clips and tabs go together.

Just take those out, then the access cover unclips with the hard drive attached to it. On this side, we can see that the unit is fan cooled.

Then, push down on the top of the screen in the direction of the arrows until the loading slot is clear. Press seek up, seek down, and audio all at the same time, and it should eject.

For the RER navigation unit the button combination is seek up, seek down, and nav.

Before we go on, yes, you can find software and firmware updates here and there on the Internet for these head units.

Just flip the black part of the connector up, and pull the cable out.

Because I want to see why this unit will not load discs, we'll get into the DVD drive first.

Now, remember what I said about the top cover and DVD drive hinging up and back as a unit? Remove the two screws up by the faceplate, and it just unclips and flips back like this.

You can then easily remove the top cover and DVD drive as an assembly.

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