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It looks like Harry's close friend Nick Grimshaw may have fuelled the hot new romance after he hooked him up to a heart monitor and showed him a sizzling snap of Camille a few weeks prior.

'I’m sure she’s a wonderful person': It looks like Harry's close friend Nick Grimshaw may have fuelled the hot new romance after he hooked him up to a heart monitor and showed him a sizzling snap of Camille a few weeks prior Speaking of the blonde bombshell - who was discovered in Paris at 18, Harry enthused: 'I don’t know her.

The woman browses photos and if she's interested, she swipes right - if not, she swipes left.

It is free to use and its inventors plan to make money from advertising.

Their relationship has been on and off over the years, with the duo appearing to rekindle things briefly on a Caribbean cruise in 2016.

Harry reportedly dated Sara in 2015 after they were photographed outside a New York hotel.

This is frustrating for women who find many of their matches do not reply to their messages.

I’m sure she’s a wonderful person.' Camille, who now resides in Los Angeles, has previously modelled for brands including Adidas Original, Louis Vuitton, Dior and French label Zadig and Voltaire.

She went on to make her Victoria's Secret debut in 2016 and a few months prior was named as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for April.

It discovered 33 per cent of men followed the strategy of liking all profiles while no females reported doing this.

Instead, 93 per cent of women reported only liking profiles they are attracted to, according to the research led by Dr Gareth Tyson from Queen Mary University London.

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