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Jesse has returned to Florida after 15 years in Hollywood where he worked for major entertainment companies such as Castle Rock Entertainment.He worked on the creation and production of multiple film and television projects during his time there.Just do a search on those specific sites or go to our official website click on the social media icons located on the upper right side of the home page.We are currently editing our film, which will be released later this year. If you would like more information, please email me at [email protected], Park Maitland School alum Jesse Wolfe has continued to hone the skills and abilities that were first developed in Park Maitland School’s drama program.Jesse, now 41, is the writer and director of EYE OF THE HURRICANE, a family adventure set in the days following a major Florida hurricane strike.

Our production crew followed Rick to Milwaukee, Dallas, New York City, Europe (Sweden, Norway, Germany), Chicago, upstate New York, central New Jersey, Los Angeles, and to Rick’s home in Malibu.The cast and script combination, in turn, have enabled the movie to raise interest from private investors that are passionate about the project and independent film.“We’ve been very fortunate to complete most of our needed funding so quickly,” states Ms.In 2010, that dream became a reality when I spent 7 months on the road with Rick producing a film about holding on to our dreams.Many of Rick Springfield’s fans lost sight of him in the mid-80s. In the last few years, I discovered thousands and thousands of other people who felt the same way I did.

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