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To accommodate mixed-frequency data and differences in data-publication lags, we estimate the dynamic factor model using a maximum-likelihood approach that allows for arbitrary patterns of missing data.

In a recent column in Bloomberg, he calls for a new age of pluralism in economics: An appeal to pluralism like this is usually a sign that the appellant’s ideas are probably not particularly helpful.Also, despite apparently having no direct familiarity with finance, Smolin is prepared to offer his diagnosis of the current state of economics as it relates to the financial crisis: [T]he whole thing is a disaster if I can say that as an outsider.And it [was one of the reasons] why regulations were lifted on markets and trading through the decades, but when people were making arguments to Congress, to the President’s office that the economy would be better off without regulation, this was the “scientific rationale for it” and led to the very unstable situation of the last economic crisis.Mathematical fads often pop up in economics but they won’t last unless they have concrete value.Chaos theory was tried briefly but it produced essentially nothing of any value in economics.

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In all likelihood, there are very few (perhaps zero) off-the-shelf models or techniques in physics (or engineering, or chemistry, …) that will produce meaningful economic results.

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