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The piazza came about because Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, organized a visit to Rome in 1536.

Pope Paul III was so dismayed by the state of the sodden Capitoline Hill that he commissioned Michelangelo to design a square.

You can also receive free reminders before your kerbside collection by downloading Council’s free Brisbane Bin and Recycling app and keeping the push notifications enabled.

Ensure you check what items are accepted as part of this large item collection service and find out about other resource recovery options for large household items in usable condition.

Ranya Taha, the proprietor, a native of Syria, has lived in the United States ...

Brisbane City Council's kerbside collection is an annual service across all suburbs in Brisbane to help you dispose of large household items.

It is too negative and it makes me feel sad and mad.” As we have all heard, “Bad news sells.” But, there ...

READ MORE Have you created a spiritual growth plan?

It may take us a year, give or take a few weeks, to get through all the stories, experiences, and people for whom I thank God regularly.” A friend of mine, Steve May, recently shared with me about a phenomenon I could hardly believe.

We have growth plans for our physical health, financial wellbeing, and work goals but I want to encourage you to create what the early church called ... With God’s help, I truly believe, all things are possible.

READ MORE The Advent word for this week is miracle. Nothing frustrates me more than the attitude, “It ... I like this definition of tenacity: tenacity (noun) perseverance.

Shoppers can stock their carts at the Target at 123 W. The roughly 21,000-square-foot store will have groceries including fresh produce, beer and wine, home goods like sheets and bath towels, tech accessories like earbuds and phone cases, clothing, toiletries and more.

The store will also have a CVS pharmacy and Starbucks, and customers will be able to pick up items ordered online and shipped to the store.

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  2. Having said that, the lady at the kiosk where you buy your dálniční známka or motorway sticker in the casino building was in fact VERY nice last time – so big thumbs UP for her. I can only assume that it’s the result of 40 years of totality and oppression, which has made the Czechs bitter, rancorous and spiteful.