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Later, Ross tells Monica (untruthfully) that Chandler is having an affair with Phoebe, which Monica believes.

Distraught, Monica rewrites her will, disowning both Chandler and Ross.

However, contesting a Will is sometimes a complete was of time as it can bankrupt the estate or the person the Judge considers does not have a well thought through claim to challenge a Will.

So we recommend that you pay for a professional review before you waste (potentially) thousands or tens of thousands of pounds with little prospect of success.

There are all sorts of reasons people may decide to contest a Will. However, we do have an arrangement with an expert and relatively inexpensive firm of solicitors who are very active in this specialist area.

A will may be challenged in its entirety or in part.This is a complex area as people fail to follow the very simple guidelines, and the Courts are called upon to decide if enough has been done to make the Will valid – or not.People are very careless with their legal planning affairs (if you don’t want to be, we suggest you visit this site to avoid your will being contested!Like most things you can contest a Will without professional help.However, contentious probate is a very complex process and it can end up being pretty personal and vicious too.

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