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Clinging to a mistaken idea that we are celebrating something with which we associate Jesus, then, is a falsehood and encompasses the sin of the specific superstition of False Worship. Our Christian faith teaches us that Jesus came ‘not to abolish the Law or the Prophets…but to fulfill them’.(Matthew ) Therefore celebrating a practice that has been fulfilled by Jesus Himself, violates the command to worship only our Triune God.If some claim affinity to a ‘Christianized celebration of the Passover meal, they should realize that the Holy Sacrifice of Mass the Christianized celebration of the Passover meal – given to us by Christ Jesus Himself.Historically, we must also realize that the Rabbinic Judaism of today is not the Judaism of the Bible.Let me preface these remarks with an account of my bartering with God before my conversion, because this connects with the title.At that time I was a worrier–the future I foresaw was always gloomy, with the […] Fortitude. Are you strong in facing pain or soft and shrink from it?The Temple is gone and the biblical Jewish priesthood is gone.Not until the end of the first century did Rabbinic Judaism come into existence.

The superstition of False Worship – encompassing either the ‘false worship of the True God or the true worship of a false god’.We aren’t the same, yet we are an extended family nonetheless.As the Council of Trent proclaims, Jesus instituted the New Passover – He is the Lamb of God.The questions with which I was met this morning were heartfelt but needed clarification.“This post only breeds anti-Jewish thinking and does not allow Catholics to ponder the roots of our faith, the richness of our heritage. If we have honest Jewish heritage, is that different?

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