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Although Abedin and Weiner were technically separated last summer, they continued to live together in their .3million Manhattan apartment.

He also says he should avoid jail time because he became a 'national pariah' after the FBI investigation into his sexting prompted the bureau to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just days before the presidential election.

He added that he expects Weiner to get jail time, 'given the nature of the charges and the lack of any real mitigating factors here.'Incredibly, despite his infidelities, his estranged wife Huma Abedin is now asking the court to go easy on Weiner in order to reduce the impact on their five-year-old son, Joshua. 'As would any parent, if there has to be a negative impact on [our son], I would like it to be as small as possible.'Abedin said that despite Weiner's faults – including his repeated 'sexting' relationships that destroyed his political career and reputation – her estranged husband has always been a devoted father to their son.'Anthony and I have a wonderful son, [Jordan], who is [five] years old and is the light of our life.

Abedin, who filed for divorce last May, told the federal court a light sentence would be in the best interests of the couple's young son Joshua. It is for [our son] that I write this letter,' she wrote.'Whatever else Anthony has done, he loves [our son].''By 2009, Anthony's national prominence had reached new heights...

'I hope the Court will take [our son] into consideration as it weighs all it has to in considering Anthony's sentence,' wrote Abedin in a letter to U. At the same time, smartphones and the proliferation of social media platforms had begun to transform users' connectivity and frequency of access to online communications.'Anthony - who prided himself on being accessible to his constituents - moved quickly to capitalize on these new technologies, developing a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, and responding to and engaging with members of the public who reached out to him.'Anthony began to exchange texts and other messages with constituents and admirers alike.

Some of the admirers were female, validating him not just as a politician, but as a man.

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He first claimed his account had been hacked but later resigned after admitting he'd had explicit online contact with at least a half-dozen women.

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