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Next beer garden we go to at , there's not many girls left sitting in the front. Mamasan shows us a bunch of girls thru the night but none were my type. I liked her so didn't fight too much on the price, in bed she was actually worth it.

So we end up leaving around midnight, then try a KTV. End up giving the driver for basically staying with me the whole night and he was very happy with that.

Then after I got out came all the excuses, she claimed she had a mamasan waiting on the street that needed to be paid and she'll be back in 5 min.

But she didn't want to leave her bag or anything, claiming her passport was in her bag.

His name is Hong, he's a cool guy and will try his best to hook you up with whatever you need.

So I walk down to the lobby w / her and she gets on her friend's motorbike and rides away.

In hindsight, I should've refused her when she didn't match her video call and definitely definitely should not have paid her upfront.

Right now I'm happy I didn't get anything stolen or get shaken down by any police, but definitely could've ended way worse! Not a mongering trip but if I can find decent local talent will go for it just to check that box (pardon the bad pun), even if it cost a little more.

Can someone recommend a decent to upscale hotel that is guest friendly?

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