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Under hypnose, she is forced to have lesbian sex with another girl and watching her killed by strangulation, before being raped by the doctor and strangled to death as well...WMV Starring Nadya A schoolgirl goes in the backyard of the building during her break.

mp4 - 11 min 18 Kristy was just going home, as usually did, and went through the park to reach her appartment.keywords : explicite hardcore, strangling , anal, movie in movie 34 min 40 - FULL MOVIE (mp4 format) The rookie thought she was tough enough to stalk and arrest this maniac, but she was wrong...keywords : Asian, police uniform, chloroform, undressing, bagging, strangling,...13 min 44 - WMV A couple of lesbians are making love upstairs while a burglar, thinking the house is empty, sneaks into the place downstairs...caught in the act, he will strangle the girls one by one, fullfill his foot fetish and rape them...26 min 46 - WMV It all startet like a common visit to a psycholog, she wanted to quit smoking by hypnose..felt into a trap.

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After an assault on a city held by the enemy, a militia is sent to clean up the buildings one after the other.

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  1. With Anna, the contradictory elements of her character — that unstable mix of shyness and exhibitionism, abject needfulness and chaotic rebellion — combined to make perfect psychological clay for the molding of an ideal slave.

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