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As I poured myself a fruit juice, I looked out of the kitchen window and could see something black on the fence, blowing gently in the breeze.It appeared to be a […] We woke up early the next morning feeling rested and romantic.My girlfriend and I were having a great night but I didn’t know that she had something else in mind that was going to happen.We get home from dinner and she tells me to get the blindfold and the rope out so I did.One night, I discuss with my wife, “A” who is in her mid 40s, 5’11” tall, blonde hair […] DARLY GOES TO THE BEAUTY SHOP #3 by Miss Darly Jill informed me that today she was escorting me to the hairdresser for improvements.My hair had grown to mid back and was in need of a cut and color. We arrived at ten to […] THE ADVENTURES OF DAN TO DARLY A NEWLY MARRIED MAN BEING TRANSFORMED #1 by Miss Darly I recently was married to a women named Jill who I knew was somewhat bossy, but really had no idea how bossy.

I love moving from one place to start afresh in another. Eric Jay had sexually plundered both his middle-aged mother, Twila Mae, and his future daughter, Ve Nietta, that day.We took a shower together and I caressed your body.We were aroused but not ready to do anything about it just yet. You were wearing your sarong tied just over your breasts and open […] We had breakfast with the usual crowd.I told her that whenever she sucks me off, I see how much she enjoys it, and I wish I could experience that pleasure.Well, of course, I have experienced plenty of pleasure from my side of things, but when she sucks me off, I […] I walked through my front door after a long day at work and made my way to the kitchen to pour myself a drink.

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They have been arousing each other for about an hour when the hotel telephone rings. A few words of instruction into the telephone and she rises to […] I want to see my wife hypnotized and WANT BADLY to have her transformed – to spice up our sexual activities!

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