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The influence of Sassanian artists extended to Afghanistan (a Persian colony of the time), where excavations at monasteries at Bamian have revealed frescoes and huge Buddhas.

The Sassanian Empire collapsed after being defeated by the Byzantine Roman Emperor Heraclius.

The chariot comes from the region of Takht-i Kuwad, Tadjikistan.

Other artworks from this period include dazzling gold and silver swords, drinking horns, and intricate jewellery. Persian art under the Parthians, after the death of Alexander the Great, was a different story.

For more about this, see also: Traditional Chinese Art: Characteristics.

Early Persian artworks include the intricate ceramics from Susa and Persepolis (c.3500 BCE), as well as a series of small bronze objects from mountainous Luristan (c.1200-750 BCE), and the treasure trove of gold, silver, and ivory objects from Ziwiye (c.700 BCE).

However, the most striking relics of Sassanian art are rock sculptures carved out of steep limstone cliffs (eg.

at Taq-i-Bustan, Shahpur, Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab) which depict the victories of the Sassanid leaders.

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