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My name is Ismael but you can call me Isu (short for Isumaeru, my name in japanes) and I have 16 years.Im from San Juan, Puerto Rico but move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June 1, 2014.When i'm not watching Anime i'm drawing Anime, whatching tv, studying (YEAH RIGHT!!! YOUR PROFILE IS SHINING WITH YELLOW AND OTHER PRETTY COLORS!!! ), doing my homework (while watchind tv or Anime) or whatching some normal Hentai in the bathroom while nobody it's at home (nothing strage there) I'm not very sporty, i'm skinny, i'm creepe (in a fun way) and not very handsome but i'm fun to talk to, hang out, I make people laugh, i'm funy and very nice. anyways thanks on the dictionary on the japanese words haha some things i didnt know...

Show off your artistic abilities in the multi round competition in front of a live audience.

If you do not sign a waiver, you will not be allowed to appear in the Connecticon Dating Game.• Dating Game participants MUST check-in at Cosplay HQ before PM on Friday.

You will receive an event badge after you have checked in.

Sadly the Cosplay Competition and one of the DDR competition fell through, but this was solved with another very funny cosplay dating show.

But the main event this year was a visit from Miku UK.

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The food court was all around the karaoke stage, which is a good place to relax, have some food and listen to fellow visitors who are giving it their best at their favorite songs.

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