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Western culture is more progressive in this aspect and a Western girl is more likely to go Dutch or even pay for the date entirely.If you’re broke because it’s not payday but you don’t want to spend Friday night alone wandering the back streets and bazaars of downtown Chiang Mai or Shanghai, keep that in mind.But if you approach a Western girl who is new to the area, she might take your interest as an open invitation to turn you into her personal tour guide.I occasionally get asked by a Western women what the best places to see in Shanghai and Bangkok are.This is less of a problem with Western women, who tend to have a more disposable attitude toward dating.Either way, protect yourself and your sanity by making sure the Western girls and Asian girls both understand exactly what you want out of them and exactly how far you’re willing to take the relationship.It was a pain in the ass to learn how to switch on and off between approaching a Western woman and approaching an Asian girl, but if you live in China, especially if you’re an Asian guy like me, it’s valuable to know the difference between how to date Asian girls and how to date Western girls.

Believe it or not, you CAN find female expats (if they’re in your city) wandering the local marketplace.My mother was born and raised in Taiwan to Taiwanese parents. These days, I’m an expat (an expatriate is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing) living in Thailand and teaching in countries like China, Singapore, and Malyasia.And in cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, they are a notorious paradise for Western men who have a serious case of yellow fever and are literally shopping for Asian girls. Ironically, here in Asia I find it easier dating Western girls.Some of the Western girls enjoy it, but a lot of them are irritated by it.I would be too if I got stopped by strangers fifteen times a day asking if they could take my picture and show their friends (this actually happens, I’m not even shitting you on this one) like I was a zoo animal. If Asian girls are your thing and you can get past the awkwardness of the initial approach (try Social Circle game or Lifestyle game on them), they are EVERYWHERE. You’re going to have to work harder if you’re hell-bent on having a Western girl.

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4) Make sure the idea of “dating” is clearly defined.

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