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You have to reach that point where others may break, fold, and quit, but you keep trudging on.In my own life that was just over 4 years ago when I decided to either sink or swim.That’s you being a man and taking care of your fellow man. As harsh and critical as I am against weakness and aid, it’s just as important to talk and ask for help. It seems as though everyone’s searching for an identity. This isn’t “an exercise” that you can do, nor is it a year-long journey that will come to fruition 365 days from now. The journey may never “end”, but it’s the journey that will serve you best, not necessarily its culmination. It’s that voice that tells us our desires, wants, and ambitions.Do something that means something, either to you or another human being, and make sure that thing is a slap to the face of the pressures that society places upon you. Help another man pick himself up and find his own place this world, even as you’re helping, finding, trying to do this admirable action step on your own. Do so by picking yourself up off your ass and turning your life around. Don’t wait for someone to coddle or pander to your whims, wishes, and wants. Do the unpopular act of being a man, not an envious coward crying because of where he’s gotten in life. There’s no such thing as a self-made man, and although this may contradict everything written thus far, it shouldn’t. It’s freedom that every man craves deep down in the depths of his soul. It’s that voice that makes decisions that are in line with our values, who we are, what we believe.The suit claims Dimmock received the first million but Harvey refused to pay him his commission, now believing the author never intended to pay.The plaintiff also claims the host disparaged women, blamed Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for giving him bad financial advice, and also blamed Barack Obama for his “disastrous meeting with Donald Trump” during an investor meeting.

It has to be strong enough to prevent you from creating habits of weakness and vanity that will weaken your resolve as a man.I’m witnessing his immaturity, his weakness, and the gaining of his inevitable strength and courage. If a grand, even greater than your dreams will allow you to wonder.The only thing that turns a boy into a man is hardship and strain, pain and failure. Find a cheap place, place hardship on yourself, and see if you can survive. Daily, we’re bombarded with images and ads telling us what to like, who to like, who to be, what to strive for, and what to love.Most see momentum started by a small action that compounds and compounds until its a grand movement or adventure. If, deep down in your soul, you even have a slight inkling as to what scares and excites you, no matter how big, audacious, or dangerous that thing may be, do it. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done.It be done if you’re going to become a leader and a man. This may simply be unpopular in your circle, or on a societal scale. Earlier I mentioned how a real man is that guy that leaves the comfort of his friends, his “click”, to talk to the loner sitting in the corner, friendless, day after day eating his lunch on his own.

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I could survive by doing the bare minimum, or by doing . It took even longer to run out of credit, but I got there. I had minuses in my bank account, but I didn’t quit.

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