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When framed like that, imagining yourself having this same conversation with yourself 10 years from now, it becomes easier to motivate yourself to make changes now so that you can save yourself all of those years. Imagine that through some miracle the thing you hated most about yourself was gone.You would wake up each morning and not have that same thought.The sorting functionality — or lack thereof — leaves something to be desired, but if you’re just seeking quick-hit eye candy, there’s no better way to see loads of style snaps all in one spot.The app is available two ways: free with advertising or 99 cents without. , “We already do so many things from our phones, so shopping is a natural progression.” Accordingly, DVF’s app allows users to shop via a “Looks We Love” section or by thumbing through the collections — albeit not 24/7.(Sorry, Android users, but your options are still limited.

Not only would it remove a self-sabotaging source of self-hate, but it would build up confidence in your ability to make positive changes in your life and give you momentum for more changes.

You would be in other situations and not have that insecurity. It might help to think about other traits you have had in the past (maybe something like childhood awkwardness or acne or harmful relationships) and how liberating the day was when you found that that particular burden had come to an end. What would it take to get fix the thing you hated most about yourself.

Exactly how much effort would it take, how much money, how much of a lifestyle change? Compare this cost to the real cost of keeping it around. Why not double down on fixing one major source of unhappiness…

However, if you can think back to the first time you considered this trait it becomes more clear how costly keeping them around can be.

Thinking about something once or twice a week, each time with self-criticism and disgust, for years or even decades can really bring you down.

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