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Finally, relationships are strong and vital when the individuals’ goals and values are aligned.Working together toward a common vision strengthens the couple’s bond, and alignment of values makes it easier to for them to support one another.Are you and your partner are welcome to express at your highest potential, because that’s what you and your partner desire for each other?Are you free from the need to hold back when faced with the opportunity to shine, exhibiting strengths your partner may not possess?

Another indicator of a healthy relationship is when partners maintain their separate identities and are comfortable spending time apart.

You’ll find that conflict and drama are minimized when trust is strong; a sure sign of a healthy relationship.

Love and attraction may be the glues that bond a couple, but respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Fun and laughter are threaded through the tapestry of a healthy relationship: in the things the individuals enjoy doing together, the humor they mutually find in situations and their ability to laugh at themselves. Do you have your playful, childlike times together?

When you something strikes you funny, are you eager to share it with your partner?

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  1. "I once told a guy I'd go home with him if he could name all members of the Backstreet Boys. "I was texting a guy I met at a party a little while back and at first I didn't think he'd text me at all. ' He responded with laughing emojis and we ended up briefly dating for a few months. ' He said when he got the text, he was really thrown back and couldn't believe it was actually happening. "Sometimes I'll ask if their name is John and then say, 'OMG, I'm sorry, I thought you were someone I went to middle school with.' Then we end up talking and it usually leads to a kiss or two." —Sophie, 2210.