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Plus, the Chief position is Hornstock's, if he is willing to pay a stiff price.

Hornstock forces Villa to pick a new partner and she immediately clashes with the one assigned to her.

Also, Rosewood receives an anonymous letter revealing something that could change his life forever.

While testifying for the prosecution during a murder trial, Rosewood engages in a pathology chess match with the expert witness for the defense – his father. make an unexpected announcement, it has unforeseen consequences.Meanwhile, Villa struggles with dreams she's been having, and Rosewood deals with an unexpected turn in his relationship with Kat.Adrian Pasdar and Nicole Ari Parker Guest-Star When Captain Hornstock becomes the prime suspect in his third ex-wife's murder, he turns to the only two people he can trust to prove his innocence, Rosewood and Villa, forcing them to repair their severely damaged relationship in hopes of clearing his name.Rosewood and Villa are thrust into the underbelly of the everglades when they team up with Hornstock's ex-partner-turned-bounty hunter, Floyd Butters, to catch a murderer.Meanwhile, Pippy is given the opportunity of a lifetime to launch her music career, and Villa tries to reconnect with her mom.

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