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The famous Bryces below include actors named Bryce and athletes named Bryce, but this list also includes doctors, teachers, or politicians named Bryce who are notable in their fields.Some of the notable Bryces below include Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryce Harper, and Bryce Salvador.Karwowski gives the recent example of a Sephora campaign where 50 influencers with varying backgrounds and aesthetics were chosen from a pool of 100 and given cream lip stains in exchange for two photos: one of them wearing their favorite shade and a "lifestyle shot."Influenster, which has been around for seven years and specializes in having microinfluencers try out products and review them — on its own site and on various retailers' websites — has a similarly democratic model.

Obviously, technology really enabled a lot of efficiencies in this space." Most significantly, technology enabled these platforms to collect valuable data, from influencers' follower and engagement stats to the ROI of their brands' campaigns with them.Still, Fohr Card and Style Coalition are selective about the influencers they work with on brand campaigns.The latter doesn't typically accept applicants with less than 50,000 followers across their platforms and while anyone can join Fohr Card, the platform focuses on top-tier influencers when it comes to servicing brands.In the early days of influencer marketing, Ziv explains, "brands were asking for measurements and there was nothing — no third-party tool — that you could just subscribe to, so we built it on our own."Another influencer platform, Fohr Card, is similarly technology-focused and provides a number of tools that members — anyone can join for free — and brands can use.The site's most recent launch was its Influencer Follower Health Scores, which help both influencers and brands determine what percentage of followers are bots.

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"For fashion or beauty, I don't think 1,000 followers is someone seen as an expert so I would challenge my client and say, ' This person isn't seen as an expert so why would we work with them?

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