C backgroundworker progress bar not updating

I want to execute this time consuming task on a background thread, but I also want to show a modal progress dialog that shows a message and the percent of the completed task.I also want to allow the user to cancel the process at anytime.Your WPF application may need to perform intensive tasks that consume large amounts of time.Executing these tasks on a separate thread allows you to maintain the responsiveness of the UI while the task is performed. The Background Worker is the recommended way to run time consuming tasks on a separate, dedicated thread, leaving the UI responsive.For example, you may want to enable or disable buttons, or show a modal Progress Bar that provides more detailed progress information than is allowed by the Report Progress method.The WPF threading model provides the Dispatcher class for cross thread calls.Make sure you set the Worker Reports Progess property of the Background Worker to true.

So I am going to make a little application that counts from zero to ten and tracks the progress.

Returning a Value from the Process You might want to return a value from a background process, such as a result from a calculation.

You can return a value by setting the Result property of the Do Work Event Args in the Do Work event handler.

In order to support this you must first set the Worker Supports Cancellation to true.

You call the Cancel Async mtehod to attempt to cancel the process.

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Providing Parameters to the Process Your background process may required one or more parameters, such as the address of a file to download.

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