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If a report cannot be made immediately over the telephone, then an initial report may be made via e-mail or fax.A report may also be filed at the same time with your school district or county office of education (COE).Telephone numbers for each county's emergency response for child abuse reporting are located at California Emergency Response Child Abuse Reporting Telephone Numbers (PDF).School volunteers, while not mandated reporters, should also be encouraged to report any suspected cases of abuse and neglect.LEAs must also develop a process to provide proof that employees received training.An online training module has been developed specially for educators and is located at California Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training .School staff should consult with their district to determine if there are additional steps that must be taken.These policies do not take the place of reporting to an appropriate local law enforcement or county child welfare agency.

“All employees” includes anybody working on the LEA’s behalf, such as teachers, teacher’s aides, classified employees, and any other employees whose duties bring them into direct contact and supervision of students.Additionally, school volunteers are highly encouraged by the law to have training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect.The training offered online to mandated reporters, is equally available to school volunteers.These guidelines are issued in conjunction with an extensive training module, specifically aimed at training school employees and educators on their obligations as mandated reporters of child abuse, which can be located online at California Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training . While physical abuse often leaves visible scars, not all child abuse is as obvious, but can do just as much harm.It is important that individuals working with and around children be able to know what constitutes child abuse or child neglect and know how to identify potential signs.

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To make a report, an employee must contact an appropriate local law enforcement or county child welfare agency, listed below.

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