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Hartzell will assume his responsibilities January 3, 2018.“I am excited that Rick will be joining UIU as a member of our leadership team,” said Upper Iowa President William R. “Rick brings a wealth of experience and a documented record of success in fostering environments in which student-athletes thrive in the classroom and on the playing field, as evidenced by his tenures as athletic director at Bucknell University and University of Northern Iowa.Hartzell initiated the construction plans for the Mc Leod Center and worked hand-in-hand with the Northern Iowa Development Office to raise all of the required funds to build the facility.“I am humbled to have been selected to serve Upper Iowa University as its next director of athletics,” said Hartzell.Shapiro's motion to compel was denied on January 10, 2012 on the Court's determination that, with respect to the individually named Defendants, Shapiro had "failed to allege facts sufficient to make a claim for punitive damages and sufficient to show that the claim is not spurious." (Docket #39). On January 30, 2012, the individually named Defendants filed a motion for summary judgment as to all counts against them on the ground that the actions asserted against them were performed as agents and/or employees of RWU acting within the scope of their authority. Shapiro filed an objection on February 14, 2012, arguing that (1) the documents under seal, to which the Defendants refer in their motion, have not been properly authenticated; (2) the motion is premature because of insufficient discovery; (3) the Court failed to provide certain orders and Defendants' filings to him. Shapiro also complains that Defendants "continue to not send or properly serve pleadings, motions, memorandums, and other documents," at 9. He also asserts that (1) the student may choose to admit the charges and have the situation resolved through an Administrative meeting; (2) the student may deny the charges and request review of the case by an administrative hearing officer (or complete an Administrative Meeting at that time); and that (3) if the outcome of the alleged violation could result in suspension or expulsion of the student from RWU, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards must provide written notice to the student and may give the student the option of having the case heard by the University Disciplinary Committee (UDC) or have a University Hearing (UH). Shapiro notes, however, that "[a]t times the University may select not to give the student an option and send the case to either a UDC or UH. On September 28, 2001, Hartzell informed Shapiro by letter that he had been charged with various violations of the Conduct Code; she noted that, during the September 28, 2001 meeting, he had requested an Administrative Hearing; and she advised Shapiro that such a hearing would be conducted on Monday, October 1, 2001. On October 2, 2001, Hartzell notified Shapiro that, following the Administrative Hearing held on October 1, 2001, the Hearing Officer recommended that, "in light of the seriousness of the issues at hand, a higher hearing body hear [Shapiro's] case." Ex. After describing the charges asserted against Shapiro, Hartzell explained that "[t]he Office of Judicial Affairs has determined that these allegations of misconduct are subject to review by a University Hearing," which deals with cases that could result in suspension or expulsion.The notification will be given at least two calendar days prior to the hearing." Moreover, "in a case of alleged violation of the Conduct Code, the Vice President of Student Affairs may remove a case from the University's conduct system" and "have the sole and unreviewable discretion to conduct hearings, if any, upon notice, and impose such sanctions deemed appropriate." of any code violations, complaint, or documentation concerning his expulsion from RWU" and that he "was precluded from asserting his right to appeal any decision of RWU that he may have been dissatisfied about." ¶ 16. On September 28, 2001, Chase-Padula sent a further letter to Shapiro, informing him of yet another alleged violation of the RWU Conduct Code, which would also be discussed at the scheduled meeting. Hartzell enclosed a copy of the Administrative Hearing Agenda as well as an optional Student Response Form for Shapiro to complete, which would be reviewed by the Hearing Officer. As with all prior letters, Shapiro signed a form confirming receipt of this communication. Hartzell referred Shapiro to the applicable provision in the Student handbook and advised him that he was permitted to be accompanied by an advisor, to present witnesses, and to submit documentation.

The quality of the student-athletes, faculty, staff, alumni and all those I have met throughout this search process cause me to be proud as a Peacock to join the UIU family today.” Prior to his arrival at Northern Iowa, Hartzell was the director of athletics at both Bucknell University from 1988 through 1999 and the University of Maryland - Baltimore County from 1985 to 1988.Chase-Padula also explained that she sanctioned Shapiro through the end of the spring semester, "so as to allow you the opportunity to return to the University if you choose during the summer term when it might be easier for you to reacclimate yourself." Further, Chase-Padula explained the details of Shapiro's suspension and advised him of certain conditions to his return to RWU. Shapiro's allegations against Nirschel include that Nirschel "acted personally" in having Shapiro removed from RWU. However, in other parts of the 73-page First Amended Complaint, Shapiro accuses Nirschel of "University dictatorship and University tyranny" and states that Nirschel has "acted in a manner [of] conduct unbecoming a University officer." ¶ 6, nothing in the Amended Complaint or in any other filings indicates that Stegman ever acted outside his official capacity as an RWU employee.Chase-Padula noted that she or Hartzell would place a call to Shapiro's parents to inform them of the sanction. As a result, the sanctions imposed on Shapiro remained in effect. Likewise, Shapiro accuses Hartzell of refusing to consider his side of the story, ¶ 36. During that time, Shapiro lived in the campus dormitories. Pesare, in his Individual and Official Capacity as Former Dean of the Department of Criminal Justice, Defendant, represented by Mark P. Shapiro attended RWU from the 1999 summer term until October 10, 2001.

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Since then, Shapiro has filed a motion to unseal the documents on the grounds that the Defendants' motion "does not indicate in what way these documents are confidential and fails to provide a good faith basis for the requested sealed filings." (Docket #55 at 2).

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