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The idea of a hotel was muted but Chantelle suggested Jack stay with us for the night. My wife is stopping me from touching her so she can have another guy. Whilst Chantelle is grabbing a shower, and starting to pamper and prepare herself, I'm preparing the guest bedroom, which is across the hall from our room.

"I bought this dress for Jack because I want to show my best side," she tells me. I want to rip her clothes from her body and fuck her, hard, here and now!She'd constantly teased me with a preview of what she'd do with him and told me she'd take his cum inside of her pussy and bring it to me to lick clean.During the run-up to Christmas, they'd occasionally called each other and fucked over the phone.The week before Christmas, Jack had contacted Chantelle and told her he'd be in our area Friday night.He told her he wanted to meet in town for some drinks and see where the night went from there.

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