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“Emergency Room Requirements to Offer Emergency Contraception Services to Sexual Assault Survivors,” Henry J.

Kaiser Family Foundation, June 2017, https://org/womens-health-policy/state-indicator/emergency-room-ec-requirements/? current Timeframe=0&sort Model={"col Id":"Location","sort":"asc"} Accessed December 2017.

So, since God doesn’t make mistakes, how can we be evil, abominations, monsters, perverts, sexual predictors, or anything else that we’re falsely accused of being? And that is what religious leaders and politicians have to say about us.

Yes, the same religious leaders and politicians that get caught doing inappropriate things with children or others, in public or private places. For all of you Trump supporters I have a question for you. A hollow shell of a subhuman being who refuses to take responsibility, fires everyone who doesn’t agree with him or kiss his orange ass.

“An Overview of Abortion Laws,” State Laws and Policies,” Guttmacher Institute, December 2017, https:// Accessed December 2017.

“An Overview of Minors’ Consent Laws,” State Laws and Policies, Guttmacher Institute, December 2017, https:// Accessed December 2017.

Planned Parenthood is passionate about three things: sexual and reproductive health care, education, and advocacy.

Whether said benefits include any treatment for gender identity, who knows? Every member of all military branches have to pass physical and mental tests and meet certain criteria in able to be accepted for boot camp.Where is the favoritism, unfairness, burden, etc.??? Every time the Republicans think they have it, all Democrats, and many Republicans vote against it.Oh wait, there is no burden because everyone has to meet the same mental and physical standards as everyone else, no exceptions! Why, because their best interest is for the good of the Americans who can’t afford insurance for themselves.This is the quote that President Trump posted on Twitter in the early morning hours of Wednesday July 26th, 2017. Was I surprised waking up to this on the news this morning? be looked upon as a financial burden or as a disruption? So why would anyone think the taxpayers pay for sex reassignment surgery?Yes, this from the Presidential candidate who said he would protect the transgender and LGBTQ community once he got into office. How can you say and possibly think that transgender citizens join the military just to get sex reassignment surgery for free? I have a friend who works at Target who’s benefits will cover sex reassignment surgery. Do military personnel receive medical, dental, vision and other benefits?

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