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She couldn’t hold in her tears, so the staff handed tissues to her.She admitted as she teared up, she was ignorant as a teenager and made mistakes: “I admit I liked to go play and party as a teenager, done a lot of ignorant things and wasted a lot of my time.

She revealed that K-Chek was a friend of her classmate and they dated for a year before breaking up over personality differences.

She took a deep breath and expressed: “I admit I have dated the young man in the photo. At the time, I only took those photos because I really loved and trusted him.

As for how these photos leaked, I really don’t know nor will I go find out.”Shiga appeared very tensed and didn’t look at directly at the camera, but instead kept her head down.

She just hopes from now on, she can start from fresh.

Yesterday at the press conference, Shiga appeared expressionless.

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