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I really do wonder And lastly he states “From next season I want to be doing some coaching sessions with the Under 14s at Everton.

Would rather have Salah playing every game of the season than missing out for doing something stupid.He said to me that he never really started coaching until he left Everton because the young lads at this academy have all the ability in the world so if you’re doing passing drill for example the young lads know instinctively to open their body up to receive it on their back foot….So if he wants to get straight into coaching and wants to test himself as a coach why not go to a local club in Liverpool and let the kids have access to the already great coach that he is!!!I’m glad (and not just from a glory hunting perspective) because it means that even now we can have a friendly rivalry, as well as a mutual enemy in Liverpool, and talk about football without it being completely tethered to club interests (apart from when talking about Liverpool). As I said, I want him to make his own choice, but I have said to him most people choose a local team, or one they’ve got a connection to through family.And now I have an 11 month old son who is the proud/completely oblivious owner of Everton bibs and a Man Utd babygro. Despite receiving many Liverpool kits from an over zealous uncle, Michael Thomas winning the league at Anfield sealed my fate. So basically, if he wants to be like his friends, he can support Forest, but if he wants to support a (for now) Premier League side, he’s got Palace. Still, no one will accuse him of being a plastic or a gloryhunter. Ed Quoththeraven …Interesting question to start my morning off from Kevin in Bedford, when I was growing up I loved players like Kaka, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Juninho (The one from Lyon) but yet I am a Chelsea fan, the main reason I chose them was not due to the Russian money (I promise) but I was at a car boot sale the once and saw some football shirts for sale, one of those shirts was a Chelsea FC shirt with Eider Gudjohnsen on the back, I loved the look of the name and the style of the shirt, I bought it with my pocket money and supported them ever since.

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