Views on flirting dating behaviors and promiscuity

I watched a reporter on CNN state that 50% of college men would rape women if they had the chance, while claiming she “forgot the source”.

And girls give their guy friends dating advice like, “Women don’t want guys approaching them in public.

This is so deeply ingrained that some men can’t introduce themselves to women. Hell, they won’t even make eye contact with someone they like. It doesn’t help that their worries are now being reinforced in adulthood.

Viral articles put men down for learning to be more confident and meet women.

Have you ever felt butterflies when a new guy introduced himself to you?

In these situations, you enjoyed being flirted with. Or hypothetically, if your celebrity crush walked up to you, smiled, touched your shoulder, and said hi – wouldn’t be you happy about it?

They struggle to connect with women on an intimate level. They don’t gain experience to become more confident men and better partners.

I don’t think a lot of women realize how much this predator shame hurts them as well.

I’ve helped hundreds of strangers make great connections myself. If you’re a woman reading this, think: Have you ever felt flattered when a cute guy made eye contact with you at a coffee shop / bar / party?

They’ve been approached by an overly handsy guy at the bar.

They’ve watched videos of women getting endlessly cat-called by men on the street.

They’ve heard pickup artists preach fucked-up tactics.

They’ve received vulgar sexual texts and private messages online.

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