Updating address on driving licence

If you passed your motorcycle test after 1 February 2001, you will need to pass a car theory test before taking a practical test.You need to be over 21 and have held your licence for 4 years plus with little or no points.Pass Plus courses with me cost £120 and Bristol City Council give you £75 cash back on completion.Anyone who holds a full UK driving licence can take up Pass Plus.Obvioulsy it helps if you like driving as you'll be spending many an hour in your car and the ability to stay calm under pressure helps.You'll be expected to complete 3 exams set by the DSA.

If the car fails to meet any of these requirements, the examiner will point out the problem, and will give you about 5 minutes to fix it, failure to fix this issue will result in the driving test being terminated and you losing the test fee.Holding an out-of-date or otherwise invalid licence does not remove your entitlement to drive but further action, including the possibility of a fine, can come about if you need to show your licence to a policeman, hire a car or commit a driving offence abroad.If you legally change your name, you can apply to change it on your driver licence.Check to see if your local council offers a "cash back" scheme.In some cases you can reclaim as much as 50% of the costs.

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You'll need to provide confirmation of the gender you wish to have recorded (Male, Female or Indeterminate).

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