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Adams, who also covered “Back in Your Head,” gave the song a supercharged, ax-heavy makeover.“When I heard that, I was like, ‘Oh, I think I want to make a rock record again,'” Quin explains.The project also coincides with The Con X: Tour, which kicks off the same day the album comes out and will feature stripped-down arrangements of every track from features some of Tegan and Sara’s darkest, most gut-wrenching lyrical content to date, Quin says she and her twin sister pursued upbeat arrangements and production to keep the 2007 album from feeling like “a f—ing funeral march.” Many of the tracks on unearthed that gloom.“When I really examined the lyrics, it was so beautiful and sad,” Sara Bareilles says of her version of “Floorplan.” “I decided to use the ache of the sentiment to redirect the soundscape.Something I struggle with is the concept of the perfect pop song.I kinda feel like I started making pop music by accident but for you guys it's been a steady evolution, hasn't it?

Trying to allow some of the emotions room to move around.

Obviously "Boyfriend" I know super well because I've been playing with the stems...

I was on tour in Germany and was like 'guys, shall I just DM Tegan and Sara and be like "can I do a remix? I want to dig this picture out of me with you guys at a gig but I fear it will be SO embarrassing for me that I just can't do it..I'm definitely trying to copy one of your haircuts and it doesn't look good on me because I don't have a jawline.

Like so many reviews on big publications like Pitchfork were calling us boring and saying the guitar was boring and so simple. There was sort of the understanding that we were never going to be considered amongst the guitar gods, that we were not good enough.

Now it's really easy to look back and be like "well they were fucking wrong! And some of that was self-imposed and insecurity but one thing I really like about pop music is it feels like there are less rules.

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It's sort of a wild west, you can kind of do whatever you want...unlike the national scene and the indie rock scene.

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