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There is a great deal more difficulty than would at first be imagined in laying out a railway station; and, perhaps, in every one now in existence, if it had to be entirely built over again, some change would be desirable: there are so many things to be amalgamated, and such various accommodation to be provided, that the business becomes exceedingly complicated. South front of the Propylum, or entrance gateway, with two Pavilions, or Lodges, on each side, for Offices by John Cooke Bourne, 1838.

The Great Gateway to the North, the entrance Portico at Euston Station.

At the Birmingham end of this line, the company have a station of about ten acres, which will serve both for passengers and goods.

Stephensons second set of plans deposited two years later, show the London terminus located at a point slightly to the north of Battlebridge Basin on the Regents Canal and adjacent to the present day York Way, a name adopted in 1938 but at that time named Maiden Lane.However, following passage of the first London and Birmingham Railway Act, attitudes towards railways in general began to change: Scarcely, however, had the line been begun, when Lord Southampton began to entertain different views with regard to railways.The success of George Stephensons lines, the Stockton and Darlington and the Liverpool and Manchester, was admitted to be beyond a doubt.The value of land adjacent to them had everywhere increased, in some places had increased enormously.London residents began to see that it would be to their interest to get the London and Birmingham terminus as near them as possible; and Lord Southampton perceived that the extension of the line through his estate would greatly increase its value.

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And here lies a might have been; how would Euston look today if the Station had become a joint terminus with the Great Western Railway?

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