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Jim suspects that Katy may be more powerful than Jim with the gift of the Spores. Can Jim truly resist the perfection he had created? When Tracy, a conservative lawyer was convinced for her new stylist to try some highlights, she had no idea that it would be an experience that would change her life—and the lives of several others around her.

It is generally the practice of thrallers to take thralls of their own but Kyle didn’t try.

But when the trial involved is a test of will to resist the allure of a beautiful temptress, things are rarely as simple as they seem...

Corinne decides to join a new, all-female social networking community to help cope with her latest breakup.

Faced with an implacable enemy, even the legendary heroines of the past would quail. As part of their training to become priests of the Holy Church, Ustrik, Forto, Mikhail, and Ritten have braved the trek across the swamp to find the Tower of Trials.

One by one, they must enter the foreboding trialsite and face a foe to earn their spot in the church’s priesthood.

He also foresees that this girl will somehow change him.

Can he trust his unreliable powers to combat these changes?

What only a few people know, however, is that Belle and the Beast were real, and the true story was darker and more awe-inspiring than the fairy tale ever hoped to be.Shanna, a young orphan girl, discovers the truth behind her strange eyes, and her mysterious power, and comes of age in a bid to survive against those who seek to use her, or barring that, destroy her.After a long hard day at the office, Shelley loves nothing better than being pampered by her obedient slave boy when she gets home.He didn’t even know he was a thraller in the first place.But now he’s got a brand new thrall to try and deal with and magical powers to boot with supposed enemies lurking. Dimat Paloka joins Three Fingers with the idea of being employed in an exciting industry that will challenge him to even greater levels of achievement than he has already accomplished. In order to settle a bet a woman makes an unusual demand at a thrift store.

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Throughout the ages people have told stories and spread legends that contained elements of the story we all know.

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