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FIR) from your memory card before you run CHDK, otherwise CHDK won't run. First, please bear in mind that CHDK comes with no warranty for any use; you use it at your own risk.What follows is just a few thoughts, and is not a legal opinion.Create that file or move/copy it to the card and try again ! That extra S in the filename allows you to even see the total number of shots that have been taken with your camera (taken movies are not counted) with the same keys pressed multiple times. Changing the firmware version of a camera requires a firmware update file from Canon.A typical Canon camera will usually be manufactured with several different firmware versions over the life of the model.

Unfortunately, CHDK ports don't happen on a schedule.

There is no plan, and there is no CHDK organization that specifies which port happens next.

If there is work being done on a camera, there will be a development thread in the CHDK forum and maybe something about it on that model's wiki page.

A620 Firmware : information about an unofficial upgrade of A620 firmware from an early version to version 1.00f can be found at this message.

The 1.00f firmware mentioned can be obtained from this link.

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