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"People come up and play entire scenes for me unsolicited, but I got to laugh. How lucky can a person get to be part of something that is a classic? "Adam West was a joy to work with, and the kind of guy you always wanted to be around.

Here, Deford holds the final front page of The National Sports Daily when it folded in 1991.In a signature role, West played Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, the crime-fighting, costumed Batman, a popular comics character who came to life on the ABC-TV series. Tittle made the Pro Bowl seven times over his 17-year career, and he was the NFL's MVP in 1963.The show, with a catchy -- some might say aggravating -- theme song, earned a cult following. Country music legend Mel Tillis died early on November 19, according to a statement from his publicist. Tillis was a prolific singer-songwriter who penned more than 1,000 songs and recorded more than 60 albums in a career that spanned six decades. In this photo, Tittle squats on the field after being hit hard during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1964.Deford was well known for his NPR commentaries as well as his decades-long career at Sports Illustrated.Gregg Allman, the founding member of the Allman Brothers Band who overcame family tragedy, drug addiction and health problems to become a grizzled elder statesman for the blues music he loved, died May 27. Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died May 17.

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American bobsledder Steven Holcomb, who piloted a four-man team to Olympic gold in 2010, died on May 6.

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