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More info on you can re-listen to all Jim Reeves broadcast programs Yesterday, May 17, The Nashville Tennessean published an article about 80 year old bass player Billy Harlan.

Fans may remember that Billy was a member of both Jim Reeves' bands, "The Wagonmasters" and "The Blue Boys".

Issue # 149 of the fan club magazine has been put on the mail yesterday.

The magazine features articles about the 60th anniversary of the release of the song "Four Walls", the 1958 Cancer Crusade episode of the ABN THE JIM REEVES SHOW, aired after the regular live program had been cancelled, and about the release of a 4 DVD set of "THE JIMMY DEAN SHOW" and the episode in which Jim Reeves performed a few weeks before his death.

In March 1961 Pat Campbell picked "Whispering Hope" from a religious album, "God Be With You" Jim had recorded in 1959.

The song entered the charts at number 50 and stayed in it for only a week.

Pat considered he had to select a song which would be more attractive to the British record buying public.

In the collection of Dominique Anglares we found two KIMO Radio Hitparades from January 1956 .

Each of them featured a different Jim Reeves recording.

We have posted three surveys from February 1960 when 'HE'LL HAVE TO GO' was being listed in the US pop and country charts.

Extra Gold is the only radio station who constantly promotes the music of Jim Reeves across a number of programmes tune in for all the best hits on Extra Gold: can also hear Gentleman Jim Reeves every Friday night for a full hour from 22.00 on Radio Extra Gold.

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