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Johnson is one of the few Survivor contestants worldwide to vote herself out of the game, as self-voting is generally against the rules in most editions.In 2013 Johnson appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia (season 3) but got fired on the fourth week as the losing project manager.She became the runner-up professional dancer of this season.After the completion of Dancing with the Stars, Johnson and Joey Fatone celebrated by going on the inaugural Mediterranean cruise for the Disney Cruise Line. In season 6 she competed with magician Penn Jillette, but they were the first voted off in the Double-Elimination in the second week.For season 13, Johnson was partnered with actor and producer David Arquette.They were voted off in the seventh week of the competition and came in 6th place.During the series Johnson wrote a Behind the Scenes' Diary for OK! Johnson later continued to tour America with the Dancing with the Stars Tour, but was unable to perform in every show due to an arm injury.

During this season, Johnson wrote a behind-the-scenes blog of her experiences for In Season 11 Johnson was partnered with actor David Hasselhoff.Hasselhoff and Johnson were the first to be eliminated, making it the second time she was eliminated in the first round including the double elimination in Season 6 and the fourth professional dancer to come in last place more than once after Alec Mazo, Edyta Sliwinska & Jonathan Roberts.Kym Herjavec (née Johnson; born 4 August 1976) is an Australian professional ballroom dancer and television performer who appeared in the first three seasons of the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer, before moving to the U. She was the first one voted out of her Moso tribe and the game. In early 2006, she appeared on the Australian program Australian Celebrity Survivor: Vanuatu on behalf of the Merry Makers.

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