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Know that it took me more than 5 years to figure out Korea's women (and I still have loads to learn!

) In any case benefit from what I've discovered and make your dating life with women from the Land of the Morning Calm easier.

Notice my contemptuous tone - I've lost Seoul girlfriends simply because I wasn't "local" enough and yes…it has made me somewhat bitter (unfortunately.) But I'm getting better. If Korea's culture and society didn't make it tough enough - Local guys (in general) don't want it to happen either. Note that the prettier she is - the more guys will shame her.Unlike most Western cultures - in Korea's culture it's borderline weird to talk to strangers (or "mollen saram" as you would say in Korea.) To talk to strangers means that you have no friends or family.So if you strike a conversation with her (even to ask for directions) she might walk away.They might tell you the truth or they might hide it from you - and here's why. The only way Figured out that Thai love is different yet?As far as you'll know - you'll always be a 'farang'. Practically speaking she might get in a relationship with you for reasons you'll never know.

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Not only that but in the hierarchy of things they subconsciously see 'Western men' as being slotted above them.

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